What it is

dhatu provides a storage solution that leverages the power of blockchain. Thanks to blockchain and smart contracts, all data transactions, e.g. storing, updating, and reading are ACID compliant by default (enforced at the smart contract level). this solves problems such as data hardening. This API is suited to store text data such as JSON.

What it is not

This does not aim to replace your main database. it lacks complex features such as filtering, keys, and more. Using it as a persistent storage rather than a full-blown database is recommended.

How it works

Every storage has exactly 1 owner in the form of OCA. Storage API works by acting as a middleman between you and the blockchain storage that is in the format of smart contracts. Using Our OCA ( On-Chain Account ) implementation, we eliminate the hassle and complexity of interacting with the blockchain. You can interact with your storage using a simple REST API that we have provided. We take care of everything from your OCA funds to RPC calls, so you can focus on building your application.

Most of the API has a webhook that will be called after the underlying blockchain transaction is completed.

Your Data Is Safe

What about my data? Isn't it a public blockchain?

We have you covered, although the smart contract is technically visible to everyone on the network, we enforce security by restricting access so only your OCA can access the smart contract. Moreover, your data in the storage is encrypted. so even if there's a breach and hackers get access to your OCA and hold access to your data, they wouldn't be able to do anything with it because the data is encrypted with a unique key that is only valid for your OCA.

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