Best Practices

Best Practices when dealing with Storage

When dealing with Storage, there are a few best practices for you to watch out for to get the most out of it.

Limit 1 OCA to 1 Storage

When creating a storage with an OCA. consider the amount of storage a particular OCA has. While there's nothing preventing you from creating multiple storage in 1 OCA, that comes with downsides. As OCA cannot execute transactions in parallel, having multiple storages in 1 OCA will throttle your API performance at some point due to congestion. Thus, we recommend keeping the amount of storage that an OCA low ( keeping it as low as 1 would be the most ideal ).

Always use webhook

We recommend you use webhook by providing a URL endpoint to your backend where it can be applicable. This is used to notify you about the underlying blockchain transaction, whether it's succeeded or not. This will also ensure you will know about the status of the API you're calling.

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